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SPM is over. What’s next?

By now I guess all SPM 2007 taker already got their SPM result. Whatever result it might be, whether straight 21As or no As the life must goes on and you need to do something for your future. So what next ?

I list out here what you can do next :

  • enroll for matriculation/foundation programme : one of the most popular options in Malaysia.
  • Polytechnic: If your result was not so good, consider this option. Nevermind, I have seen many people starts their journey to Degree programme using their certificate and also diploma from Polytechnic
  • STPM: Go back to school for the 2-years programme, and your SPM experience will be useful in STPM.
  • Technical Programme: Go for courses in IKM, ILP Pusat Giat MARA etc. if you want to enhance your hands-on skills .
  • Get a job: If you really don’t have interest to further studies. For those who want to further studies this could be your opportunity as well to gain experience

There are many more options for you out there, the most important things for you right now is to plan for your future. Irrespective your SPM result, if possible further your studies. Get more knowledge before you being employed.


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